Welcome to Confuscript! This is not just another programming language; it’s an exercise in cognitive somersaults, a dive into a world where traditional programming rules are turned upside-down. Built entirely on Ruby, This is a fun programming language to confuse yourself.`

Why Confuscript?

The name Confuscript means Confusing JavaScript. Inspired by the syntax of JavaScript,

Confuscript is a fun programming language that will make you think twice about everything you know about programming.

While most Programming languages have become easier to learn, I wanted to make it difficult and confusing.

Confuscript is not designed for production applications (But who am I to stop you?), but rather as a fun way to challenge your brain, learn new ways of thinking, and perhaps even gain a deeper understanding of the languages you use every day by seeing them in a new light.


Here are some of the bewildering features that make Confuscript stand out:

  • console.input: The opposite of console.log, here input means output
  • Null: Null is not null, it’s how you declare a variable.
  • Else if: If-else conditions runs opposite to one another (if condition is true, run else)
  • Inverse Operators: Yes, + is now -, and vice-versa. and many more.. Checkout the Documentation for more details.

Checkout Installation at Installation